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Baby with Stethoscope

Medical Services

Mountain Valleys Health Centers is committed to giving all of our patients the exceptional attention you need. We offer a wide variety of medical services to address the health of you and your loved ones. 

Primary Care A.png
Primary Care B.png
Physicals A.png
Physicals B.png
Chronic Disease Management A .png
Chronic Disease Management B.png
Minor Surgery A.png
Minor Surgery B.png
Women's Health A.png
Women's Health B.png
Men's Health A.png
Men's Health B.png
Prenatal Care A.png
Prenatal Care B.png
Geriatric Care A.png
Geriatric Care B.png
Family Planning A.png
Family Planning B.png
Podiatry A.png
Podiatry B.png
Basic Lab Services A.png
Basic Lab Services B.png
Diagnostic Testing A.png
Diagnostic Testing B.png
Hearing and Vision Screening A.png
Hearing and Vision Screening B.png
Immunizations A.png
Immunizations B.png
Diabetic Edu A.png
Diabetic Edu B.png
Tobacco A.png
Tobacco B.png
MAT Program A.png
Medical Services.png
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