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24 HOUR 

Medical Worker

Even after regular clinic hours have ended, patients still have the ability to contact a nurse with health-related questions. You can call any of the seven Mountain Valleys Health Centers locations.

Mountain Valleys Health Centers offers this service through Partnership Health Plan and Team Health Medical Call Center.  A patient can speak with a registered nurse simply by calling any MVHC phone number. Easy prompts will direct your call to the appropriate system.

Help is just a phone call away.

Remember, before you make a trip to the emergency room you can call any Mountain Valleys Health Center to speak with a 24 hour nurse.

*For life-threatening illnesses or injuries, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.​


Big Valley Health Center

Phone: (530) 999-9010

Fax: (530) 294-5392

Butte Valley Health Center

Phone: (530) 999-9070

Fax: (530) 397-4567

Big Valley Dental Center

Phone: (530) 999-9011

Fax: (530) 294-5120

Butte Valley Dental Center

Phone: (530) 999-9071

Fax: (530) 397-4567

Fall River Valley Health Center

Phone: (530) 999-9020

Fax: (530) 335-5166

Tulelake Health Center

Phone: (530) 999-9060

Fax: (530) 667-2562

Burney Health Center

Phone: (530) 999-9030

Fax: (530) 335-3060

Mount Shasta Health Center

Phone: (530) 999-9041

Fax: (530) 926-1859

Weed Health Center

Phone: (530) 999-9050

Fax: (530) 938-2662

Burney Dental Center

Phone: (530) 999-9031

Fax: (530) 335-3060

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