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Dentist Office

Dental Services

Mountain Valleys Health Centers dental office is a patient-centered atmosphere that uses technology and techniques to ensure quality care. The commitment to patient care, satisfaction, and comfort is a priority to each dental team member. From the friendly staff to the comprehensive approach, we make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Dental Exam

Dental Handpiece Repair_edited_edited_ed
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Dental X-rays

Dental x-ray_edited.jpg
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Dental Cleaning

woman with silver and yellow hoop earrin
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Dental Fillings

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Root Canals

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Oral Cancer


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ws Oral Cancer Screening.png

Children's Cleanings and School Screenings

Child at the Dentist_edited.jpg
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Deep Cleaning

Dental Surgery_edited.jpg
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Dental Crowns

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Big Valley Dental Center
554-580 Medical Center Drive
Bieber, CA  96009

Burney Dental Center
20615Commerce Way
Burney, CA  96013

Butte Valley Dental Center
610 West 3rd Street
Dorris, CA  96023

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