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System Administration Technician
$16.75 - $25.00/hr
Full Time + Benefits/PTO

REPORTS TO: Director of Health Informatics(DHI)/System Administrator

QUALIFICATIONS: High school graduate. Excellent communication skills, organizational
skills and teaching ability are required. Must maintain confidentiality relating to Mountain Valleys Health Centers (MVHC) personnel, patients, and information that could result in proprietary damage to MVHC. Must be self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented, flexible, and have the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Must possess good written and verbal communication, strong problem-solving and project management skills. Must possess an automobile, current valid California or Oregon driver’s license, and auto liability insurance.
Obtain and maintain current CPR card.
Clean and appropriate business attire.
The System Administration Technician will act as the assistant to the DHI/System
Administrator. This is a high-level user of the EHR system who will be responsible for assisting in routine software maintenance, coordinating system updates, and specializing in the education/training of MVHC staff to use the EHR. The following are the responsibilities of the System Administration Technician:

  • Assist with EHR and other programs/vendors throughout all MVHC clinics instructing and training all required staff to work in the EHR.

  • Assist in system administration duties related to implementing and maintaining Electronic Medical Records, Patient Management, and third-party systems associated with the Electronic Health Record System, including maintenance of appropriate system administration tables.

  • Assist with maintenance of access to EHR, HIEs, hospitals, and other associated organizations and programs.

  • Assist DHI/System Administrator with end-user training to ensure that staff are competent in the software and efficient in their job duties.

  • Work closely with DIH/System Administrator and Account Manager(s) to maintain proper functioning of EHR/PMS/EDR and related systems, including tracking and working existing trouble tickets.

  • Work closely with Quality Management Team in developing strategies for improving workflows to attain optimal outcomes for clinical, financial, and operational goals.

  • Assist with troubleshooting technical issues and deploying updates to systems and workflows.

  • Assist with developing, managing, and reporting on continued special project milestones and timelines.

  • Understand the data flow between the PMS, EHR, and associated applications.

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the EHR software application and communicate changes with pertinent staff.

  • Assist with mapping MVHC's current office workflow and preparing appropriate transition planning.

  • Ensure completion of assigned tasks.

  • Attend conference calls and EHR or other systems training, meeting goals and deadlines as needed.

  • Assist with monitoring the system by running reports to ensure proper system functionality.

  • Solicit feedback from end users to ensure the appropriateness of the system configuration and ongoing modifications needed.

  • Travel to all MVHC sites as needed to attend meetings, and training sessions, provide support, and attend vendor conventions, training, and networking events as directed by the supervisor.

  • Assist with other tasks as requested by the supervisor.

CUSTOMER CARE: A core value of Mountain Valleys Health Centers’ is our dedication to
high-quality customer care. As a Community Health Center, our patients are our vitality;
therefore, every patient will be treated accordingly.
At MVHC, a customer is defined as but not limited to a patient, vendor, contractor, granting
agency, community business, and employee. Customers will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect regardless of their socioeconomic status, insurance type, job position, race, etc. Discrimination is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate termination.
Every employee of MVHC will adhere to the Accountability Measures outlined either at the
onset of employment or at the date of this signed job description. Should these expectations not be upheld, the employee understands that disciplinary action will be taken, which could lead to immediate termination.


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