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Physician Assistant, PA
Full Time + Benefits/PTO

Under the direct or indirect supervision of the preceptor physician and under the medical
protocols and standardized procedures on file at the facility where working, see clients
presenting at the facility seeking medical services.
Diagnosis and treatment of clients presenting will be within the framework of the
Physician Assistant’s skill and knowledge base, and within the standardized procedures
and protocols developed for the facility.
Diagnosis and treatment that falls outside of skill level and or protocols shall be handled
in the following manner:
1. Phone consultation with Preceptor physician, or,
2. Reschedule back to be seen by Preceptor Physician, or,
3. Referral to specialty Physician in referral network, or,
4. Referral to hospital emergency room
In addition the PA is responsible for the supervision of medical staff and auxiliaries staff
under them at the facility where they are on duty.

QUALIFICATIONS: License as a PA in California. Certification as a PA desired.
Ability to work in a fast paced environment, prioritize tasks, be flexible to meet the needs
of patients and co-workers, and use discretion/good judgment. Must maintain
confidentiality relating to MVHC personnel, patients, and information, which could result
in proprietary damage to MVHC. Must possess current valid California or Oregon
Drivers license and auto liability insurance.

Clean and appropriate business attire
Maintain licenses
Current CPR card
ACLS preferred

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions
covered under the standardized procedures and protocols of the clinic. Follow and treat
stabilized chronic medical conditions covered under protocols. Provide emergency
medical care. Some of the conditions treatable shall include but not be limited to,
suturing of simple lacerations, I & D of abscesses, cast simple not displaced fractures,
provide life support until transportation to medical facility is available, removal of
foreign bodies from soft tissues, etc. See that self and staff under their supervision
maintain medical standards and ethics. Secure continuing education in the amount
necessary to maintain licensure, and competency. Supervise and evaluate all medical
staff working under them in the facility.

CUSTOMER CARE: A core value of Mountain Valleys Health Centers’ is our
dedication to high-quality customer care. As a Community Health Center, our patients are
our vitality; therefore, every patient will be treated accordingly.
At MVHC a customer is defined as but not limited to a patient, vendor, contractor,
granting agency, community business, and employee. Customers will be treated with the
utmost dignity and respect regardless of their socio-economic status, insurance type, job
position, and/or race, etc. Discrimination is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate
Every employee of MVHC will adhere to the Accountability Measures outlined either at
the onset of employment or at the date of this signed job description. Should these
expectations not be upheld, the employee understands that disciplinary action will be
taken which could lead to immediate termination.


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