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Susie Lorenzen

Susie was born and raised until the age of 12 in Newport Beach, California. At 12, she moved to Fall  River Mills. She attended Fall River High School, until she graduated and continued her education at California College of Health Sciences in San Diego, CA. It was there that Susie obtained her AA Degree,

Susie has 30 years’ experience working in the medical field. The majority of her career was working for Mayer's Memorial Hospital, but she also worked with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Noecker.  Susie started as a Nurse's Aide, worked as a Ward Clerk, and then went back to school to become a RCP (Respiratory Care Practitioner), and CRT (Certified Respiratory Technician). She resigned in 2009 to help her husband, Pete, in the ministry of the church.

Now Susie enjoys spending time ministering to members of the community, hiking, reading and spending time with her two adult children and her grandchildren.

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