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Project Manager
Full Time + Benefits/PTO

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Project Manager assists with various projects and implementations to ensure success and achievement. This includes involvement in initial decision making, working with outside entities/partners, assistance to staff with training, guidance, etc., and continued monitoring, work, and maintenance of program to ensure continued success and efficiency.

SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in health care administration, business administration, or related field preferred. At least three years of experience in program management or leadership with direct reporting responsibility to senior management within a health care organization preferred. Other skills:
• Knowledge of corporate policies and procedures
• Computer and technical skills
• Problem-solving skills
• Time management skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Decisive and organized
• Able to communicate effectively- verbally and in writing
• Skilled in writing and creating policy, procedure, documents, etc.
• Perform tasks using own initiative and without detailed instruction
• Must possess current and valid California or Oregon driver’s license and liability insurance
Must maintain confidentiality relating to MVHC personnel, patients, and information, which could result in proprietary damage to MVHC. Must obtain CPR certification after hire.

• Help to develop, strengthen, and implement new programs and workflows to support MVHC efficiencies and success
• Assist in development of new programs to support the strategic direction of MVHC
• Planning and monitoring of program execution
• Be part of identifying and addressing problems and risks within clinic systems
• Evaluation and assessment of program strengths and identify areas for improvement
• Ensuring that goals of MVHC programs are met
• Support changes and interventions to ensure project goals are achieved and maintained
• Producing accurate and timely reporting of program status if needed
• Work with MVHC marketing staff as needed to make MVHC opportunities and programs known

CUSTOMER CARE: A core value of Mountain Valleys Health Centers’ is our dedication to high-quality customer care. As a Community Health Center, our patients are our vitality; therefore, every patient will be treated accordingly.
At MVHC a customer is defined as but not limited to a patient, vendor, contractor, granting agency, community business, and employee. Customers will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect regardless of their socio-economic status, insurance type, job position, and/or race, etc. Discrimination is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate termination.
Every employee of MVHC will adhere to the Accountability Measures outlined either at the onset of employment or at the date of this signed job description. Should these expectations not be upheld, the employee understands that disciplinary action will be taken which could lead to immediate termination.
By signing this job description, the employee commits to providing the highest quality customer care and will strive to make each patient feel as though they are the only one.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Requires standing, walking, sitting, lifting up to 25 lbs., carrying, pushing, pulling, stooping, kneeling, stretching, reaching, hand and wrist movement, twisting, hearing, seeing, and talking.


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