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Telehealth Coordinator

Position: Telehealth Coordinator
Reports to: Chief Operations Officer, Director of Quality
High school diploma or equivalent, current CPR certification, ability to perform or learn phlebotomy procedures and/or other clinical lab procedures. Must have the ability to travel between clinical sites. Computer skills: proficiency with Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Ability to use telehealth equipment, basic computer troubleshooting skills, and ability to work with MVHC technology group. Team-oriented, ability to work efficiently without close supervision, good prioritization and organization skills, great customer service/communication skills, must maintain confidentiality relating to MVHC personnel, patients and information that could result in proprietary damage to MVHC; must possess current valid California or Oregon Driver’s license and auto liability insurance.
Requirements after Hire:
Clean and Appropriate Attire
Current CPR Card
Current/Valid Photo ID
Auto Liability Insurance
Mountain Valleys Health Centers Telehealth Program enables patients to receive care from medical specialists through the use of technology. The telehealth coordinator is responsible for facilitating, implementing and maintaining all telehealth activities. The telehealth coordinator acts as a point of contact for all Mountain Valley Health Centers primary care providers, clinical staff, support staff and specialist providers. The telehealth coordinator provides training of telehealth applications and workflows to primary care providers, clinical staff and support staff. The telehealth coordinator demonstrates a commitment to the professional and ethical standards of Mountain Valleys Health Centers by acting in a manner that supports positive communication, respect, privacy and teamwork.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Demonstrate critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, and the ability to build and foster positive relationships.
Navigate through multiple technology platforms and evaluate telehealth workflows providing recommendations for areas of improvement.
Ability to generate clear written communications appropriate for the intended audience.
Show a commitment to service excellence by promptly addressing issues and requests.
Adhere to Mountain Valleys Health Centers Policies and Procedures.
Efficiently schedule and upload patient’s medical history for the medical specialist.
Ensure the patient’s primary care provider receive the specialist’s medical note in a timely manner.
Assist primary care providers, clinical and support staff in completing requests by specialists.
Verify patients in the telehealth program receive the proper follow up visits from their primary care providers.
Check inter-office email on a regular basis for communications from management and other staff.
Maintain accountability that includes efficient use of time and materials.
Demonstrate patient advocacy that ensures patients’ rights of privacy, safety and confidentiality.
Obtain patient’s vital signs with accurate readings.
Properly use and chart in Mountain Valleys Health Centers electronic health record.
Perform other duties as assigned, demonstrating flexibility and willingness to do extra work as needed.
Physical Requirements:
Frequent; standing and walking, lifting and moving objects up to 24 lbs, exposure to bodily fluids, exposure to infectious disease, exposure to emotional crisis of others, repetitive motion (hands/arms), independent problem solving. Constant: listening, speaking in person or on the phone, close eye work, reading and writing, working with public and staff.
Customer Care:
A core value of Mountain Valleys Health Centers’ is our dedication to high-quality customer care. As a Community Health Center, our patients are our vitality; therefore, every patient will be treated accordingly.
At MVHC a customer is defined as but not limited to a patient, vendor, contractor, granting agency, community business, and employee. Customers will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect regardless of their socio-economic status, insurance type, job position, and/or race, etc. Discrimination is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate termination.
Every employee of MVHC will adhere to the Accountability Measures outlined either at the onset of employment or at the date of this signed job description. Should these expectations not be upheld, the employee understands that disciplinary action will be taken which could lead to immediate termination.


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